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#IAPH2022 World Ports Conference to #ClosetheGaps on port infrastructure

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IAPH sets up regional workshops with the World Bank to identify gaps in connectivity, efficiency, governance, environmental impact, digitalization and shipping costs to set the #IAPH2022 agenda

Ahead of the #IAPH2022 World Ports Conference in Vancouver (16 - 18 May 2022), IAPH has announced a series of eight regional workshops in the New Year in collaboration with the World Bank in order to establish precise gaps in global port infrastructure. The insights gained from them will set the agenda for #IAPH2022, which will aim at delivering an accurate picture of the issues the port industry must address as well as a list of priorities for policymakers, port authorities, shipping and all players in the supply chain.

IAPH Managing Director Patrick Verhoeven commented : “A lot of the issues ports have had to deal with during the pandemic as well as the ongoing supply chain crisis were discussed during the #IAPH2021 World Ports Conference in Antwerp. We had good feedback and decided to quantify and address those issues directly. Having the World Bank support us in this process is very positive given their deep involvement in port developments in so many countries and our previous work together on accelerating digitalization in the maritime transport chain.”

The #IAPH2022 theme - #ClosetheGaps

With a series of regional invitation-based workshops in collaboration with the World Bank, IAPH will address specific factors that cause competitive gaps between ports in terms of connectivity, their efficiency and the overall costs of shipping cargo in their region. Also the regulatory environment they operate in, their level of digitalization as well as their overall environmental performance.

Industry experts alongside leaders from our IAPH member ports, associate IAPH members serving those ports, innovators, governments, regulators, infrastructure financing entities, NGOs, unions, industry associations and many more will deal with all of these topics at regional level before gathering in Vancouver between 16 and 18 May 2022 to set out a blueprint for the industry.

IAPH President Captain Subramaniam Karuppiah

IAPH President Captain Subramaniam Karuppiah commented : “When I took over the leadership of IAPH, my opening statement in my first interview was the need to find practical solutions for our members by taking a structured approach towards the issues at stake. At the preparatory stage for the conference, we will be approaching industry partners for these workshops, which includes the shipping community.”

Contact : Victor Shieh, IAPH Communications Director

Email : victor.shieh@iaphworldports.org

Tel : +32 473 980 855

About IAPH

Founded in 1955, the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) is a non-profit-making global alliance of 170 ports and 140 port-related organisations covering 90 countries. Its member ports handle more than 60 percent of global maritime trade and around 80 percent of world container traffic. IAPH has consultative NGO status with several United Nations agencies, including the IMO. Through its knowledge base and access to regulatory bodies, IAPH aims to facilitate energy transition, accelerate digitalization and assist in improving overall resilience of its member ports in a constantly changing world. In 2018, IAPH established the World Ports Sustainability Program (WPSP). Guided by the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, it aims to unite sustainability efforts of ports worldwide by sharing best practices through its project portfolio and collaborative partnerships.

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Participants registering for the #IAPH2022 World Ports Conference will be able to access the regional workshops, provide their own feedback and gain valuable insights on what will be discussed in Vancouver in May.

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